Media Relations isn’t generic but a highly specialized craft that comes from years of practice. The last word ability to attach the proper media with the appropriate message at a specific point is strategic instead of happenstance.
Media Relations is an art that needs to be incorporated gradually.

Hazel Outlook also works towards educating the media about our clients’ business, their vision, and their products.

How Do We Do It?

Tie-ups with renowned Media houses:

Over the years, we’ve established an unbroken relationship with media practitioners. It is in print, electronic. Our media relations expertise spans trade, consumer, business, industry, technology, broadcast, and social media. And that we are adept at navigating the intricate and ever-changing media landscape.

Through Press Release

We counsel our clients on the simplest possible ways to succeed in the media. It is through news releases, advisories, press kits, information material, press conferences, and one-on-one meetings.Using the features, articles, seminars, or media events, we try to maximize the impact of your message. With all this, we make the market aware of achievements and announcements by you.

Arrange visits by Famous public figure:

To make your brand recognized, we arrange a public figure visit or event with them.
We’ve got vast experience in handling complex media situations in Positive circumstances also in times of crisis. We have built a reputation for excelling despite the chances.