The media monitoring team monitors newspapers, periodicals, electronic media, and online sites supported the keywords associated with its clients and their respective sectors. Intelligence tracking of client and industry reportage keeps its clients abreast with valuable information on a day today.

What is Media Monitoring?
Media monitoring is that the process of watching, reading, and taking note of the editorial content of media sources regularly. In other words, it’s a service that keeps an eye fixed on media 24×7. It monitors any piece of stories that relates to or affects a brand. Media Monitoring helps a brand to remain up so far with the latest trends without using much of its resources.

How Do We Do It?


We keep track of the latest trends in the market so we can include similar profile content in your message to be delivered.

We are continuously on high alert, with observing at the cutting edge. Hazel Outlook will be watching, checking, and tracking all media platforms to measure the performance of the campaign and the portals to place your brand for publicity.


Hazel Outlook investigates every one of the issues, difficulties, and changes that will profit our customers. We will analyze the success of a campaign on all media platforms representing your brand in the global market. The drawbacks of the campaign are distinguished to improve in the future.
We will help you to search out the drawbacks of the awareness campaign. We will improve the marketing strategy to popularize your brand. The report also helps to note the success percentage of the campaign and its profitability.