What is Crisis Management?
We understand that you have spent years building a brand and establishing a reputation. And suddenly it’s Boom! An unfortunate thing happens. Don’t worry! We will proactively eliminate negative consequences in business to safeguard your reputation. To quickly resolve the crisis, we need to identify the problem. Then we categorize the depth of the difficulty and describe operational measures. Moreover, we consistently keep firefighting and work on a real-time basis across all traditional and social media channels.

Why Hazel Outlook

Crisis Management Methodology


What do we do in Crisis Management?

Hazel Outlook being innovative and strategic in nature, manage industry crisis beginning by understanding the nature of the crisis and the effect caused until we start to extinguish the fire.
Our professionals first determine whether it’s a crisis and if it is one, of what sort. After understanding the root cause, we gather our expert team to handle the matter.
The team of experts then plans and develops a Procedural Manual to affect it. We follow the ACT approach (Acknowledge things, Coordinate with the proper resources, and Timely action). We’ll do our greatest to guard the reputation of your organization.
How we do it?



We examine many of the foremost common and key challenges plaguing your organization. Then we return up with an efficient management plan that’s easy to follow within times of crisis.
Assess Situation
Crisis management knowledge works alongside our clients to resolve the crisis. We will assess the situation and plan to implement the solutions.
As the Client is more habituated with his organizational objectives, it makes it easier to draft the strategy accordingly


Create Tailor-made Solutions

We conceptualize and execute a technique to manage communication through relevant content and channels to disseminate your brand message effectively.


Ensure Rehabilitation

We undertake brand -repair efforts by formulating guidelines for post-crisis communication. It can help build trust and transparency with your customers.