Press Release Dissemination

If you have a good informative content but are not able reach to your target audience, you haven’t use proper channel to reach to the right audience.

With an ever increasing number of channels emerging in the news market today, it becomes very difficult to trust on anyone and also if we do then keeping track on every single piece of info that hits the news stand.

At Hazel Outlook, it’s a different ball game, because we are singularly driven to information gathering. With our print media news and digitally advance service you can expect to stay well ahead of competition and lead your firm forward.


We have experienced team who help our clients to reach on time at right place. Our major features are:

  • We collect daily information across the widespread media available
  • Relevant media mentions within the last 24 hours
  • Search is completely topical and relevant
  • Exceptionally satisfying print media and digital media monitoring and tracking service which enables your business to gain information about a large range of statistics, details, photographs and news articles. These could be content, analysis, size, publication, and a whole lot more.

We offer following services:

  • Story analyzing and check as per best practices
  • Search for Online and offline channels
  • News Distribution as per the domain
  • News Monitoring and Tracking
  • Report Generation