Media Relation and Publicity

With the advancement of communication channels, PR agencies are also rising in the market. But to distinguish from others one needs thoughtful understanding of the clients’ requirements and awareness of new trends in the market.

At Hazel Outlook, our experienced media relation experts actively study client’s brand information and create unique stories. Accordingly, we ensure placements in regional, national and digital platforms. We also dedicate active PR representative for the brands to answer and respond in real time to any media query about products, services, management etc.


In order to ensure that our client’s information is present correctly in the market, our team prepares insightful collaterals. This includes profile of the company, press releases, product or service launches, event participation, any event arrangements, any award win etc. By putting all the information together, we make sure that clients value propositions and brand positioning is articulated to the media and is spelt out correctly on all mass consumption forums.

Through consistent and artful media relations building, brand develops a sustained positive perception in the eyes of the top publications of the country and subsequently amongst the consumers.

As we have team who has in-depth knowledge across all verticals, we create a domain expertise story, which hits exact right cord. Because of that we’ve become a trusted and valued source of information to journalists at regional and national level. We know where the opportunities lie to tell your unique story to the media. It’s why we strive to be as valuable to the media as the media is to our clients.

We offer below services:

  1. Media ideas, strategies and plans
  2. Media release writing and distribution
  3. Media enquiry handling and response
  4. Media relationship building
  5. Media interview arrangement with press training, pre-briefing and briefing packs
  6. Media-specific events and site visits
  7. Media training
  8. Media profile photography