Media Monitoring & Tracking

Keeping a track of the online and offline reputation of any organization, product or service, we stay one step ahead by following the latest industry trends which could directly or indirectly impact an organization’s decisions.

We at Hazel Outlook, keep a detailed eye on your information and whether that information is reaching to right target audience or not, and if it’s reaching on time, then how it is reaching.

We synthesize the tremendous amount of data and news in media, monitoring reports and coverage (over a specific time period) to discover not only WHAT is being said but what that means to an organization, such as:

  • Spotting new trends
  • Detailed analysis
  • Marketing message penetration (possible by campaign, market, demographic)
  • Quantitative and qualitative metrics critical for making informed decisions

Media monitoring platform changes the way corporate communications and business intelligence professionals search, track and analyze vital information from television, radio, online news and social media. Our Experienced team work continuously for your brand and provide real time information about your news.

Using new techniques, we provide our clients with a cost-effective solution, delivering insightful metrics and analyses covering all their stated needs. Our reporting dashboards with traditional and social media coverage provide nationally as well as region-specific analysis. In addition, we ensure flexibility to accommodate changes in metrics based on feedback from the client.

Our media measurement services include:

  • Media analysis
  • Reputation trackers and measurement
  • Retrospective views of media for historical or benchmarking analysis
  • Overview
  • Solutions
  • Impact
  • Insights

Our media monitoring services include:

  • Daily media monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Crisis monitoring
  • Full coverage of online and offline media
  • Writes Professional blogs
  • Continuous reporting of the services