About us

About Hazel Outlook

Hazel Outlook is a leading “Public relations” firm in Pune that partners with many large and emerging business organizations, helping them evolve by building their perception and building their brand and reputation. This is done through a deep understanding of how people form opinions and the social forces that “push” their behavior. We believe that public relations are most effective when masterfully crafted stories are grounded in social science.

We are one of the emerging PR consultancies, who nurture the needs of its niche client base comprising of art, fashion, automobile, beauty, tourism and hospitality.

Effective communication for modern brands requires creative storytelling across multiple stages. The increasing demand for professionally delivered PR services coupled with new communication technologies have made PR practice truly multifaceted. It involves communicating with target markets via traditional and online media, blogs, webinars, and events. But this evolution is about more than what we do, it’s about what drives us to do it.

After looking acutely at ourselves, and discussing with people who know us, all things intersected at one word: Hazel Outlook.

It’s our reality as well as our aspiration; we speak to our commitment at the highest values. Our image reflects the trust which clients have long placed in us. At the end of the day, it is our belief in the power of Hazel Outlook that drives us to deliver the high quality work.

What we do

As a leading provider of integrated communication agency, we create possibilities. We work according to new emerging trends, which lead us to identify the exact solution in line with the market demand. We design clear technique with our clients to connect people with brands by challenging pact and discovering new opportunities. We understand our client’s requirement and work with them till they get desired results.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to develop a clear thought process of client and his business. The values and principles articulated in our philosophy include respect and teamwork, ethical behaviour and transparent business practices, and relationship-driven client service to achieve meaningful results.

Our Story

Established in January 2011, Hazel Outlook was formed with one man’s vision of conveying right information with the right medium. Devendra Mali, owner of Hazel Outlook, worked in many reputed public relations companies. Devendra found a clear gap in the market demanding a communication consultancy with genuine knowledge and expertise in the construction.

His passion of listening to clients who talk about what their brand brings to the table, how it can stand different and how will the world know them better...

From sharing thoughts to increase valuation of any business through right communication and helping many businesses to increase their valuation, his journey helped him to form Hazel Outlook. Today, Hazel Outlook has exponentially grown to leading consultancy of its kind. With support of dynamic and enthusiastic team of young people, Hazel Outlook is continuously flourishing and capable to provide services to different clients majorly from Pune, Nashik, Delhi& Bangalore with a good networking across India. Till today, Hazel Outlook has helped around 50 + clients in Pune & Mumbai and 20 + in Delhi & Bangalore. We have a very strong presence in Maharashtra.

The core strength of Hazel Outlook is communicating crisp and clear thoughts, and taking what needs to be heard about any brand and packaging it in the right words, at the right time, with the right medium, so that the people who need to hear it - hear it - and more importantly care to share it, leading to increase in number of cliental. The communication message of our clients is crafted by our experienced team of in-house writers and communication specialist supported with in-depth research and analysis.

Hazel Outlook believes in quality work and consistent delivery to its fullest potential. When working with a client, one never feels like they are working with an outside agency. We're an internal team member of each and every client we represent.

The success of Hazel Outlook is purely in the success of our clients. We strongly believe that success of each client and their customers’ satisfaction will always remain our top priority.


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Our Team

  • Mitali Joglekar
    Mitali Joglekar
    PR Executive

    Mitali, a perfectionist, is another strong support of Hazel outlook.
    She makes sure her clients are always in the news.

  • Revan Kakade
    Revan Kakade
    PR Manager

    Having experience for almost 3 years in the industry,
    Operations head at Hazel, quite a taskmaster at work.

  • Bharat
    Jr. PR Executive

    Bharat is the most dedicated resource of Hazel Outlook.

  • Shweta Bharne
    Shweta Bharne
    Jr. PR Executive

    An avid reader and most soft spoken person,
    Shweta is a strong wing of Hazel outlook.

  • Devendra Mali

    A cumulative 4+ years of experience in Public Relations,
    Devendra was at a leadership position in many reputed organisations.